A January day in Andalucia

Visiting southern Spain in the depth of January has been quite the experience – from arriving in balmy Malga, driving 40 minutes up the mountains into a snow storm and waking up the next day to beautiful blue sky – we saw it all in mere 48 hours.


A quiet spot by the Caste over-looking the region of Cordoba

We are currently on the hunt for a home in the mountains of Andalusia and I’m very glad we’ve seen this wintery side of the region – nothing is more beautiful than snow covered olive trees and the air absolutely still with all the insects having retired for winter. There is something very moody about southern Spain in the winter, as if it is slightly out of its comfort zone with temperatures below 10 . But I love walking through the empty little villages with their terracotta slated streets and greek-blue flower pots in utter protest against these colder temperatures and cloudy skies. I love that I can have it all to myself without the swarms of tourist.

This time around we visited Iznájar, a small white-washed mountain village in the Córdoba province of Andalusia. In the summer it is a busy resort overlooking the Embalse de Iznájar, one of Spain’s largest water reservoirs with a little beach. In the winter, it is snuggled up to the mountains, still bravely displaying its love for colours with hundreds of flower pots and small squares.


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